Improve your expertise

This course is aimed at clinicians who have been exposed to grafting procedures and want to increase their expertise in this area and also at beginners who want to be able to perform tissue augmentation in the daily practice.


Personal daily courses

Topic example for a three day course:
1. Learn how to be more confident when using guided bone regeneration (GBR) protocols
2. Management of complications
3. Soft tissue management around dental implants and teeth
4. Periodontal surgery in implantology
Language: English, Italian


All 4K videos of Dr. Tabanella case studies

Improve or learn new work techniques with Dr. Tabanella videos. Here the list of videos:
• Immediate placement, loading and Guided Bone Regeneration after endodontic failure
• A reverse approach for Advanced Guided Bone Regeneration: how to significantly reduce the healing time.
• The Buccal Pedicle Flap: a new approach to augment the peri-implant mucosa without CT graft
• Retreatment of sinus graft failure: from sinus infection to biomimetic.
• Cyst removal and advanced GBR
• GBR with resorbable biomaterials: a novel approach to reduce the risk of complications
• Double Buccal Pedicle Flap and immediate placement: how to reach the pink esthetics